Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Tub Ponds
There are many of us who have old hot tubs in our yard that may or may not work, but are no longer used. This is the only example of a hot tub pond that I could find. Add some floating plants, water lily, and some potted giant papyrus, and banana trees around the outer side and an instant tropical paradise is created!

Pond Plant Girl Mail

I have bought pretty much all my plants from you.

My question is:
When I plant seeds or other submerge plants, what keeps them in the pot? Do I use like pea gravel? I am in the process of changing my fish pond. I have had a 250 gallon hot tub for a pond that I have had for 5 years! But I need something above ground. I have had many surgeries including a double hip replacement, so my husband has purchased a 14/14 liner all the works and cement blocks to make it above ground for me. It is curved blocks so it will make a round pond. I read where to make your pond with a slant so the stuff can go down better for easier cleaning? And I spent more than I wanted so it will be beautiful. But I just cant figure the plant thing. Regular dirt floats out! And I have seen where they put some kind of cloth in baskets before they add plants. What kind of safe cleaning algae or fertilize plants in water can I use in pond that wont hurt plants or fish?

Thank you for your help! When it is all done I will send photo!

Isn't it great how creative you can be about creating different water garden-scapes?

My suggestion is to start with the floating plants: water hyacinth, water lettuce, primrose creeper, parrot feather, pennywort, and lastly floating heart (which I will be posting soon).

For a balanced ecosystem you will need small fish, such as minnows or feeder gold fish. You will also need a submerged plant called anacharis - which you can purchase at the pet store or on eBay too.

Potted plants such as iris, cattail, and lily can be potted in gravel. I use a fertilizer pack at the bottom of the pots. There are no holes pots and aquatic baskets. No holes is good if you don't want the roots to get out of control. Baskets are good for water circulation and natural fertilization. If you choose soil, you can mix a heavy loam and sand. Very expensive at the hardware store. The soil in our backyard is clay-like and thick dirt. Mixing it with sand and gravel makes for a perfect medium. If you are not so blessed, try looking for some at a river or lake. You can also try a nursery supply yard where they sell different grades of soil, mulch, and gravel too. We had ours delivered for my artichoke garden. Would love to see pics of your creations!

If you have any pond questions, please send me an email! I would love to hear from you.

GAiL The Pond Plant Girl