Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Touring Southwest Aquatics with Gail!!

Hi all,

I had a fan-tastic day at the Southwest Aquatics. While there I was able to show you some really beautiful, healthy plants.

The day was absolutely beautiful and being out there with the plants just makes Spring more of a reality. I know I am ready and itching to get my hands dirty!

I have done business with Southwest Aquatics for a good ten (10) years and I want to tell you that I have seen only the finest in top quality, healthy plants.

Patrick Haynes, our host at the nursery, was very accommodating to me and I really do appreciate that and thank him very much.

Until next time, Happy Ponding!!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wow! Ants! Upside-down tomato gardens! Come see!

Hello everyone;

Wow! I've got so much to tell you! I am so excited about all that has been going on with the show! Episode #8 was too much fun I could barely stand it! It was all about ants and why I am afraid of them. You'll learn how to get rid of those pesky boogers naturally with a recipe that will make them literally POP! It's safe and cheap too, because you can get all the ingredients from the grocery store for under 5 bucks.
Upside-down tomato gardens are the latest thing, and Episode #9 is on how to make one of your very own. Come join me and see how you can make a creative garden and have a ton of fun too!
Happy Gardening! Happy Ponding!