Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Touring Southwest Aquatics with Gail!!

Hi all,

I had a fan-tastic day at the Southwest Aquatics. While there I was able to show you some really beautiful, healthy plants.

The day was absolutely beautiful and being out there with the plants just makes Spring more of a reality. I know I am ready and itching to get my hands dirty!

I have done business with Southwest Aquatics for a good ten (10) years and I want to tell you that I have seen only the finest in top quality, healthy plants.

Patrick Haynes, our host at the nursery, was very accommodating to me and I really do appreciate that and thank him very much.

Until next time, Happy Ponding!!!


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Steve sculpts critters said...

I also love ponds, and I used to grow lots of carnivorous plants like pitcher plants and venus flytraps, with good success (kept having to divide them up).
Right now we're off to a garden center with a pond which has nice big tiger salamanders in it.