Saturday, March 1, 2008

((( The FUTURE of The PondPlant Girl and YOU!!! )))

What started out as an idea to sell aquatic plants has developed into a pretty fun and cool show! Now, I am promoting other peoples businesses and filiming my garden show each week. I'm looking for a good videographer right now. Can't depend on Dad for everything! I've got some cool connections in Hollywood, and it looks like when the show is more solid and successful, that I will be able to get some backing and be able to interview celibrities and their gardens!

Yeah! Pretty cool. Anyway, everything is at ground level right now, so if you know of anyone who is interested in getting involved, I have lots of fun things to do. I keep telling all my "staff" that I will cut them a check once I am paid! I know I will be paid some day soon. My goal is to be on the local news before the end of the year and start shooting shows with celebrities by next year.

It's all fun!

Thanks so much,



Mary said...

Sounds Great! I've been enjoying ponds since the mid-90's and I'm now on my third pond (after three out-of-state moves). Can't do without. I've bookmarked your site to check back...

PondPlant Girl said...

Hi Mary;
So sorry about not getting back to you sooner. I have been in a whirl with so many exciting things that I am still astounded and amazed. I am pleased that you enjoyed the site and want you to continue to drop in and tell us what you think and if there are any questions, tip, suggestions, and/or pictues of your pond(s) send them in, we will post them right here on the site. just let us know. Ponding is amazing and outstanding is all I can say right now. Thank you again for coming by and drop in anytime. Pass the word on to friends and family so that they can get into it as well. It is amazing Happy Ponding, your pond plant girl, Gail