Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There are many easy-to-grow plants to start your beginning water garden.

Parrot Feather: An easy to grow plant, parrot feather is like growing a tiny forest in your pond. Zone 8. It will survive light snow conditions. Free float or plant in pots and submerge.

Fairy Moss: Also called Azolla, this tiny floating fern is perfect for container gardens. Changes colors of orange and yellow in the fall time. It can, however, clog a water filter if you use one.

Variegated Four-Leaf Water Clover: This is my favorite of all the water clovers. The leaves spread out over the surface of the water and are fairly large. Very easy to grow and comes back each year. Zone

Pennywort: Also very easy to grow the leaves are eatable! Can be used in a salad or even consumed for certain types of pain control.

A few other beginning pond plants are: Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Floating Heart, Hardy Water Lily, Water Iris, And all types of rushes and reeds; such as cattail.

All of these plants can be purchased on my website and found on my videos too!


Purchase pond plants online or email The Pond Plant Girl at: gail@pondplantgirl.com



Tanya Boracay said...

Oh great, lovely plants. Hope this plant grow in healthy plant

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king said...

Here very nice varieties of pond plants. I have lilies and some small plants. I like these plants very much.

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jgabrielle1 said...

would like to know if my cattail will survive being put in dry potting soil and living as house plant? it has enjoyed and trived in large pickle jar of water for four months now.