Wednesday, May 26, 2010


HOW TO KILL APHIDS Aphids are the head lice of the plant world. They will infest any plant and there are over 4,000 green, yellow, or black species. They will stunt plant growth and even kill your house and garden plants. Aphids are attracted to high nitrogen soil. So if you use a fertilizer high in nitrogen, it is best to take preventative measures. HOT TOBASCO SAUCE This is always a good choice for multi-pest problems. Mix 4 teaspoons hot sauce with 18 ounces of water. Add 4 drops Ivory liquid dish soap. Apply to the under side of leaves with a paint brush or basting brush. This solution can clog the pores in leaves. To prevent further damange, only apply to one side of the leaves. LADY BUGS & Green Lacewings Lady Bugs and Green Lacewings (Dobson Fly) are an excellent preventative measures to kill off the aphid population. They can be purchased online or ordered in a commercial nursery. USE YOUR BUTTS Mix tobacco or cigarette butts and garlic powder in with your compost. COOKING SPRAY I DO NOT RECOMMEND! This is the easiest no fuss method. Cooking spray (such as Pam) will suffocate aphids! But it can also suffocate your plants! Also see my websites for more garden tips and videos too.


Mark Anderson said...

And these methods are safe on pond plants? Ie for fish?

lee woo said...

The more you cling to what was, the more you suffocate the life out of this moment. See the link below for more info.