Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caring for Water Lettuce

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Freezing Winter Conditions
Caring for pond plants in the wintertime can be a challenge. Plants such as cattail, rush, and water lily need little or no care at all. But floating pond plants such as water lettuce need tending to make it through the wintertime. If you live in an area that receives freezing cold, then it is best to winter over your water lettuce indoors in an aquatic garden light box. This is constructed with an aquarium, lights, and mirrors, and is very easy to put together. The instructions can be found on my blog.

In mild winter conditions (such as zone 9 and up) water lettuce can be kept outdoors. However, when the air temperature goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, water lettuce needs to be kept inside a small greenhouse (hoop house) or under a plastic tarp.

Winter Problems
Like most all plants, water lettuce does turn shades of yellow in the wintertime. This is normal. As the leaves spot and turn yellow, simply trim back the old leaves to allow the
growth energy to go into the greener leaves. Trim off any dead tips. If your water lettuce suffers from mildew, uncover the pond and allow the plants to air-out. Also trim off all infected areas. Growth is very slow in winter, but as the weather warms your water lettuce will grow and quickly multiply.

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