Friday, March 25, 2011

More About Water Hyacinth Care

Q: I'm new to water gardening and I need to know if the old growth dying off around the outer edge of the water hyacinth is normal? The new growth is coming in in the center. Also my little boy pulled the roots off of one. Will it grow new roots? Thanks for your time, Tom

A: Hey Tom - Any growth is good growth. Oftentimes water hyacinth will produce new plants and then eventually the old plant will die off. Also, if the hyacinth is too cold or does not receive enough sunshine, then the edges will turn yellow and brown. I had hyacinth that my dog munched on and ripped out the roots, and it did come back.

You can give the hyacinth a boost with a diluted Miracle Grow fertilizer bath for 30 minutes. But, you will need to wash off the plants afterward so you will not get excess fertilizer in the pond… which will promote algae. My best hyacinth grows in very shallow water and absorbs the nutrients from the pond soil and fertilizer tabs that I push into the soil. I believe this is the best way to promote growth.

If you end up with too many plants, place the extra plants in the mulch pile and under trees and bushes. Because it absorbs rich fish emulsion, nitrates, and minerals, your garden will thrive better than any fertilizer you can buy.


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