Friday, April 8, 2011

Water Hyacinth Varieties

Rosette Water Hyacinth is genus Eichhornia Crassipes (below left) and is permitted in more areas over the common Eichhornia Azurea (below right), anchored water hyacinth. Rosette water hyacinth is smaller and grows round bulbs instead of long and tall skinny bulbs as the common water hyacinth. It also lays lower to the water surface. However, the rosette produces the same lovely purple flowers as the common water hyacinth. Rosette water hyacinth is more widely accepted because it is not as hardy as its cousin, and therefore less of a threat to wildlife habitat areas. The nice thing about the rosette hyacinth that it does not topple over when large and mature like the common water hyacinth does. Below is a picture comparing a large mature crassipes (rosette) with the common large and mature azurea (anchored). Notice also the difference in root mass. .

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Sensovision said...

Wonder how do you store water hyacinth? As it seems the only plant I loose in the early summer and have to buy each year.