Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Grow Artichokes in Hot Climates

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In hot climates zone 9 and up and the summer heat rises to 115-120 degrees, it is good to plant where the artichokes receive morning sun in the summertime. If you do not have an area such as this, then hanging a shade cloth over your artichokes is a wise choice when the weather is hot. I am located in California zone 9 with summmer heat reaching 105-110 degrees. Artichokes grow well here in full sun. However, it is best to plant in the fall or in the early spring so the plants become well established before the summer heat sets in.

Shade Cloth

I suggest a shade cloth with 30% shade and recommend The Shade Cloth Store. This is where I purchase my shade cloth. This type is not available at hardware stores or garden centers. I personally use 40% shade for my young potted plants, but 30% is better for actually growing in-ground and producing the globes. This company will custom make your shade cloth, and it is very affordable. Be sure to ask for a shade cloth that is hemmed with grommets. Also, be sure to mulch under your artichoke plants so that the ground retains its moisture. As your plants grow larger, do not remove any leaves that lay down on the ground. This is the plant’s way of self-mulching.

Frost Protection
In the wintertime, it is important to protect your artichokes from frost and freeze. If you are in hot climate zone 9 and up, you may keep your established artichoke in-ground with little or no protection. More winter care can be found at:

My Artichoke Blog

Sweetheart Artichoke Care

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