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Grow Small Artichoke Varieties

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Q: Do you sell artichoke plants that yield small globes?
I live in Napa, CA.

A: The artichokes I produce grow to about 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Globe size depends on sunshine and water. Too much water and little sunshine will produce smaller globes.

Store-Bought Artichokes
The artichokes found in the store are very large, because they are commercially grown with chemicals. Home grown organic artichokes will grow to about the size of a man’s fist. The Imperial Star is a smaller and narrower variety than the green globe. It is also known for being more hardy, producing the first year, and yielding a larger crop.

Artichoke Plants with Smaller Globes

Italian Purple Violetto: If allowed to grow large, the globes are not desirable for eating. Picked small this variety is very sweet. Narrow or oval variety. Grows dark purple the first year and then burgundy-green the following years.

Violet de Provence: Medium size with rich purple globes. This is a traditional Italian globe.

Violetta di Chioggia: An ancient Italian variety. Small purple globes. Often grown as a decorative plant and consumed for its leaves as medicinal tea.

Imperial Star: A hardy hybrid of the green globe. Produces more thorns on the leaves and less thorns on the globes. Smaller globe size than the traditional green globe. Known for yielding first year. Available now.

How to Grow Artichoke Plants

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