Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Winter Over Pond Plants

The Pond Plant Girl

When fall and winter rolls around, then it is time to start caring for the pond plants and their winter sleep.

In mild climates such as zone 8 and up, little care is needed for plants such as grasses, reeds, rush, and hardy water lily.

In warm zones 9 and up, no care is needed for water lily, tropical or hardy. The plants that need specific attention for most regions are floating pond plants: such as water hyacinth, water lettuce, and frogbit. Many water gardeners choose to buy these plants each year instead of wintering over, but wintering over can be easily accomplished with little effort by protecting plants from mildew, frost, and freeze, or by using a
Garden Light Box

In zones 8 and below, a
Garden Light Box is an easy way to winter over floating plants indoors. All you need is a fish aquarium, mirrors (that can be purchase cheap at a glass store) and a sunny window. The key to the plants surviving is keeping the humidity up with a plastic wrap cover, warmth, and sunshine reflected with the mirrors. It also looks really cool!

A Greenhouse is a Wise Investment
This year, I invested in a small walk-in green house with plastic windows for my tropical and floating plants. (See pic above.) It will be heated with simple seedling heat mats. However, greenhouses in sub-zero climates need thick double pane glass and possibly a kerosene heater. I recommend purchasing your greenhouse from either
Harbor Freight Tools (where I purchased mine) or Menard's Hardware. Also check out geenhouse designs at

Email your questions to: and I will be happy to help you with your ponding needs!

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