Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it too late for artichoke globes?

....Sweetheart Artichoke Co

Q:.. Hi Gail - I was wondering if the plants I got in June will produce this year? I need to figure out where to put additional plants once I see how big the green globes I have will get. Thanks.... Mary

A:.. Hi Mary – They probably will not produce, because the days are shorter and colder now, but when the plants are mature they will grow to about 5’ tall and 5’ wide. If you DO NOT over-water, then you should receive nice size globes – about softball size.

Artichokes are big feeders.
In the spring, remember to fertilize once per week, but alternate between methods.

Week 1: Water in a cup or two of bagged steer manure.

Week 2: Water with diluted powdered milk.

Week 3: Sprinkle fireplace ash and water in (wood ash only).

Week 4: Add a mild 13-13-13 fertilizer (for mature plants only). Some people are picky about adding chemical fertilizers and want to grow all organic. If that is the case then… Week 4: Add fish water from an aquarium.

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