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If you live in a mild climate with night time freezing temperatures, your valued flowers, bushes, and pond plants can be kept safe by simply covering them at night. There are different ways to cover your plants. A breathable nursery cloth can be purchased from the hardware store or garden center. They are form fitting and look decent too.

But if cost effectiveness is more of a priority, the next best choice is a simple utility tarp. In a pinch, a simple bedsheet will work too. Simply cover at night and uncover in the morning time when the sun warms up the garden.

The warmest place to put your potted plants is up against your house. The prime spot is the sunny side of the house and blocked from the wind. It will not prevent your plants from getting frost bite, but will give them the extra protection needed to survive the cold.

Another easy and attractive way to keep you plants in the winter is to build a window box. You can use old junk windows or plexiglass.


Here is a design that I have used many times with both my vegetable gardens and my ponds. As in previous blogs, I used PVC pipe and plastic sheeting, similar to the picture on the left. Remember, it is important to have as little air space possible above your garden to maximize warmth inside your garden dome.

This design is similar to the picture above and uses utillity wire and plastic. If you want to get a head start on your spring garden, this is the way to get it done. Keep your young plantlings covered both day and night. They will thrive on the added humidity during the day and will be protected from frosty temps at night.



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