Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aquarium Pond Plants

I was just wondering if you can put pond plants in a fish aquarium???

Ms Mossy Pond,

Yes you can put pond plants in an aquarium. The most common are anacharis and hornwort. This is a fresh underwater plant that clarifies and oxygenates the water. These and other types of aquarium grasses can be purchased at your local pet store. You can also start water lotus seeds in an aquarium as long as you have a nice sunny window. Floating plants such as frogsbit, water hyacinth, and water lettuce can be kept in an aquarium but grow much better outdoors.

Later today I received a question about pond plants in a beta container. Plants that grow well in low light will work just fine in a beta container; such as a large vase. Beta are easy to fry in a sunny window where pond plants grow the best. So, because most pond plants need sunshine and beta fish need low light, then pond plants will not work out in a beta aquarium. If you do a Google search for "low light aquarium plants" you should be able to find an attractive plant that will work out well for your beta fish.

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