Sunday, December 6, 2009

Build an Easy Troth Pond

This started out really shabby and spontanious. I didn't want to buy any materials and only used what I had around the house. I had some old boards that a friend was giving way. I got these through Then I staked the boards up with bricks, rods, and sharpened sticks that I pounded into the ground. I let the fense be the back board and used twine to hang the plastic lining. I had my doubts at first, because it seemed very crude!

Next, I laid out the 4 mil thick plastic sheeting, and gently patted it down with my feet. The cat didn't appreciate it. She thought it would be fun to climb underneath and howled at me when I accidentally stepped on her!

I filled up my troth with water... guarding it from the dog who thought I was putting in a new wading pool!

I added my water hyacinth and that was it! It's not the most charming pond, but it is functional and that is what I was aiming for. The pond has been working well for over a month now.

Go to How to Make a Greenhouse in 1 Hour to see the greenhouse I made over the pond!

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