Monday, November 23, 2009

Build a Greenhouse in 1 Hour

Build a Greenhouse in 1 Hour or Less!
This is an easy way to cover your pond or garden

All you need are:
2 - ½ inch 10’ long PVC pipes
4 – ¼ inch or smaller thick 12 inch long stakes
4 mil thick or 6 mil thick
Plastic sheeting
Zip ties

The greenhouse in the pic above was made with 4 frames attached together.

Pound stakes into the ground
Pound at least 4 stakes about 6 inches deep into the ground for each corner of your greenhouse. You can use rebar or even tree limbs sharpened to a point (tent stakes will not work because of its shape).

Bend PVC pipe over your garden

Slide one end of the PVC pipe over one stake and bend over your garden. Slide the other end of the pipe over the stake on the other side of your garden. Repeat for the other corner.

If your garden is large, then you will need to add additional stakes and pipe. This is what I did for the long water hyacinth troth that I built - the feature pic.

Lay plastic sheeting over frame
Lay plastic sheeting over the frame. Carefully poke holes with a pair of scissors and attach with zip ties. Allow for a flap opening on one side to allow for room to tend to your garden. That’s it! It’s amazing how warm this simple greenhouse will keep your garden throughout the wintertime.

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