Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stinky Ponds and Hyacinth

Will any of the pond plants live thru the winter? Hyanciths die in the winter
correct?.....Is it best to get them out and dump them (they get stinky) or just leave them in the pond until spring?

Sherrie Bakersfield, CA
Actually, many pond plant last through the wintertime. Water hyacinth will also last the winter. It does not do well in severe cold, but in mild climates it does very well through the winter. Water hyacinth can be wintered over indoors or covered outdoors at night with a tarp. I also have a free simple plan for a greenhouse that you can put together yourself. I really do not have any problems with stinky water hyacinth, because the hyacinth clarifies the water. Potted plants allowed to stand in stagnant water do get stinky. So I know what you mean. A good remedy for a smelly pond is to add any kind of mint plant. Water hyacinth will stay fresh if the old leaves and flowers are picked. Excess plants and old growth also makes excellent mulch. Simply toss them under your bushes or in your vegetable garden.

I’m very glad to help you! In the springtime I will have lots more plants; such as water lilies and water lotus.


Any type of mint plant will help freshen a stinky pond.

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