Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Hyacinth Care

How do I care for the water hyacinth I bought from you? Do need soil in the bottom of my water garden for this plant? They are first plants in my water garden.

Please help me. Thanks

Water Hyacinth is extremely easy to care for, especially in Southern California. It will especially thrive on the Pacific south coast where you are located. Water Hyacinth is a free floating plant which does not need to be planted in soil at all. In very shallow water, however, its roots will dig into the muddy soil below. Water Hyacinth grows best in warmer temps. Fertilization is not necessary, but to promote added blooms I would submerge some pond fertilizer packs or tabs.

The only threat to water hyacinth are animals; such as dogs or raccoons. They love to pull them out and play with the bulbs which are full of air. It will not harm your animals, unless there are toxins present in the water. The other threat to water hyacinth is freezing temperatures and frost. The plants will not recover if frost bitten.

Care is easy in mild climates. I simply throw a clear plastic tarp over my pond in the wintertime. Another way to protect your pond in winter is to build an easy PVC pipe and plastic dome greenhouse; which you can find on my youtube videos. Pick off old tired leaves and separate new plantlings after they establish from runners.

Enjoy your plants and Happy Ponding!


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