Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goldfish and Water Hyacinth

I received a great question from friend, Liveoakmerlin

Hi, It's Live Oak Merlin Again!
I have a question about goldfish. I got a big clear plastic bin and filled it with water. I am letting it sit out in the sun to declorinate. I am going to get a pump with a fountain head to put in it and want to put goldfish in it. When spring comes I want to put water hyacinth in it. My question is:
Do goldfish and hyacinth go good together?
Do I have to clean the water or let it go green?
Do I have to feed the fish or do they eat the hyacinth?
My main question though is do I clean the water or let it go green?
Will it hurt the fish and if they don't get along?
I would like to grow hyacinth by its self and I wanted to know how to get the water that reflective black color. It's very pretty. Do I need to add something or does it do it itself.
Great question, Merlin. Goldfish are great in the pond because they are:

1. Very hardy and tolerate near freezing temps
2. They eat mosquito larvae
3. They are great for the pond ecosystem
4. They do not harm your plants!
5. They are cheap and easy to replace.

I have a couple goldfish right now that are 10 years-old!
So, yes. Goldfish and hyacinth go well together. I have goldfish in my personal pond and the hyacinth are growing like mad.

Do not let your water go green. There is no need for that and it will take forever to get the green gunk out. A first-year pond typically has algae problems. Drops from the pet store (located in the pond supply area) will take care of any green algae. Normally, algae will party if the water is stagnant and is in full sun all day long. (Similar to a fish tank in a sunny window.)

Only feed your outside goldfish one time per week. They do just fine with little food, because they also eat any bugs or larvae in the water. If you feed your fish too much they will die. The reflective black water is found with ponds that are very deep. Your primary goal should be clarity. I would suggest water hyacinth, water lettuce, and submerged plants such as anacharis or hornwort. I have all these plants available if you need them. Also, all of these plants provide an excellent breeding environment for fingerlings, baby goldfish.

Thanks so much for writing!



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