Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to get rid of garden snails

Beer is an old remedy to get rid of the slimy critters,
but if you have dogs it's not such a hot idea. Try sprinkling ginger around your plants instead. Snails can't stand the stuff!

The cool thing about oranges is that unlike beer, the dogs will not touch them. If you place some orange slices in a jar it will attract the snails away from your plants. They will climb in the jar and you can dispose of them in any wicked way you desire!

Mix Up Your Plants
I grow artichoke plants. The snails love the cool underside of the leaves and deep damp crevises near the base. So if you don't have any chickens that will eat the snails, try mixing up a variety of plants in your garden. Snails shy away from plants such as corn, grapes, beans, basil, azalea, hibiscus, parsley, rose, poppy, rosemary, and sunflowers.

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