Thursday, November 12, 2009

The "Evil" Parrot Feather

I recently received an email out of the blue about the evasive plant, parrot feather...

Hey Pond Plant Girl ,

Came across your offer to sell Parrot Feather during my Googling. Sorry I can't say I'm in the market as I already bought some from Eisley's Nursery in nearby Auburn, CA. HOWEVER! The reason I was searching for Parrot Feather in the first place was to find out HOW TO GET RID OF IT! This gunk is incredibly invasive and is a wonderful breading ground for mosquito larvae among other facts I have learned. The sale of it is BANNED in several states some countries. You would do well to educate yourself about it with specific instructions for contained pond users to make sure it STAYS contained. My single little sprig has spread to over 2/3 of my 30' pond.

That's all I got to say. I also noticed a couple of other plants you're selling which I found on lists of invasive plants in at least one state (Maine?) so you may wish to research all your plants.

Just sayin...


I love getting email. Good or bad, I always love it. Here's my reply...

Hi Jesse

Mosquitoes will thrive in any body of fresh water, plants or no plants. Getting rid of them is easy. You can get free mosquito fish from your local county mosquito abatement department, or you can purchase minnows for about 6 for $1 at the pet store. They multiply quickly and will take care of all of your mosquito problems.

I am aware about the evasive plants, thanks. Actually, most pond plants can be evasive if allowed to grow without potting or some kind of control. Like any land garden, pond plants need to be tended to and plants need to be pulled when they push the limits. Even water lily and water lotus, cattail, and the humble duckweed can go crazy when the conditions are just right.

Depending on the type of pond that you have, there are a couple things that you can do. Koi will eat almost anything. They are like the hogs of the water world. I only feed my koi one time per week and they do pretty good clearing the wild growing plants in my backyard pond. Just be sure not to have the minnows in with the koi, because the koi fish will eat those too! Goats are also very good if the water is shallow. Then, there is always resorting to completely draining your pond, lining it, and starting over again.

Thanks for writing!




Thiruppathy Raja said...

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baldridge.susan said...

We had parrot feather take over our pond. My husband started putting out corn once a day for the wild geese and ducks. They cleared the pond of the parrot feather, and they give us great entertainment daily!